Onwards and Upwards at PTL

Posted in: Magnate News on 2018-04-17

Toledo, OH, April 16, 2018 – Mike Welch, President of Magnate Worldwide, has appointed Jeff Curry as President of Premium Transportation Logistics (“PTL”), Magnate Worldwide’s ground expedite division.


Curry has been a major contributor to the progress of PTL, and will continue to provide direction and inspiration as the rapidly expanding logistics provider continues to grow in size and revenue. “Jeff is a leader with a wealth of experience in both transportation and finance, and has helped turn PTL into what it is today,” said Mike Welch, “He is stepping up at a critical time in the company’s development to shape the future of the company – we’re very fortunate to have him.”


Since joining PTL in 2017, Curry’s experience has helped develop a culture of success. He has held a variety of leadership roles in the finance and transportation industries, including President of Express-1, a top 100 motor carrier, where he facilitated double-digit growth. His proven experience in rapid development is precisely what Premium needs as the company matures, and becomes more dynamic.


Curry’s first strategic move as President will be to include Magnate Worldwide Logistics (“MWWL”) under the PTL brand. Based in Benton Harbor, Michigan, MWWL concentrates on customized cross-border transportation solutions to and from Mexico. Led by Kyle Plummer, Director of Cross Border Solutions, the team will add an extension to PTL’s services – taking shipments to their final destination anywhere in North America. They will become the Cross-Border Division of Premium Transportation Logistics, and operate as the Michigan satellite branch of PTL.


“Magnate Logistics has been one of the fastest growing divisions of Magnate Worldwide, and will continue to be under the PTL brand. Kyle and his team provide the highest level of customer service, which directly aligns with our standard at PTL,” commented Jeff Curry of the synergy.


“With Magnate’s support, [Jeff Curry] will continue to implement his strategic vision and facilitate growth for PTL; moving it into the future,” said Mike Welch, “We feel comfortable and confident that the company will see significant growth under Mr. Curry’s leadership.”


About Premium Transportation Logistics
Founded in 2002, Premium Transportation Logistics provides premier ground transportation and logistics services to the entire North American market. Since inception, the company has provided customer-focused transportation solutions to a wide range of industries – exceeding expectations with superior customer service, competitive pricing, technology, and on-time service. Learn more at www.shipPTL.com.


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