Chicago Private Equity Firm Magnate Capital Partners Donates Twelve Tricycles to L.P. Waters Preschool

Posted in: Magnate News on 2014-06-28

Magnate_TricyclesJune 18, 2014


When the Golden K’s of Greenville noticed that the children of L.P. Waters Preschool could use new tricycles, Chicago private equity firm Magnate Capital Partners, LLC. answered the call for help. The tricycles donated by the company were given to the happy children on June 5th, just the latest effort from Magnate Capital Partners to give back to the community.






Every child should have a tricycle, at least in the opinion of the Golden K’s of Greenville. After working through the year with the enthusiastic children of L.P. Waters Preschool, the Golden K’s couldn’t help, but notice that many of the children there didn’t have either a tricycle or a bicycle to call their own. Inspiration found, the Golden K began to work hard trying to find donors to make their dream of helping the children manifest into reality.


According to Patricia Wedel of the club it certainly wasn’t easy. Wedel approached a handful of local foundations about the project to help the preschoolers without any luck. Finally, a call was made to Magnate Capital Partners in Chicago and the firm was happy to donate generously to provide the twelve tricycles for the children.


The twelve tricycles along with three bicycles provided by Walmart were given to the children on June 5th leaving even L.P. Waters Principal Judy Evans pleasantly surprised at not only the good willed determination of the Golden K club, but also by both Magnate Capital Partners and Walmart’s willingness to step up and give back to the local community. To say the children, who represent the community’s bright future and potential, were excited by the gift would be a colossal understatement.


Plans have been announced for the tricycles to be used in the annual “Parade for a Drug Free Greenville”, which the preschool has proudly participated in for a number of years, along with the Police Athletic League and other community groups and members.


Magnate Capital Partners, whose mission statement includes a call to conduct business and live according to the “highest professional and ethical standards”, has embraced this opportunity to help a good cause, especially one that encourages future leaders at such a young and impressionable age.


The firm has established themselves as one of Chicago’s most well respected private equity firms led by some of the brightest minds in the industry, including founder and managing member Dan Para, CEO. The firm’s interests span a variety of sectors, including companies involved in insurance and military personnel vehicle storage. They have partnered with both early-stage growth opportunities and mature small businesses seeking game-changing strategies. Both as a firm and as individuals the leadership of Magnate Capital Partners has a long, proud history of helping and even working for non-profit causes.